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Become Confident For Your First Triathlon

Hey there, I’m Clément, a USA Triathlon Level 1 and Ironman U Certified Coach.
Let me help you start your journey as a triathlete.

A free 10-day course that covers all the things you really need to know.

Focus On What Matters Most

Triathlon can be overwhelming. In this course, I will help you focus on what will make the difference in your training and on race day.

Don’t Waste Money

There is no need to buy everything on the market. I will guide you through which training plan and gear make sense in your situation.

Read Stories Of Other Triathletes’ Debuts!

This course is based on my experience, feedback from hundreds of triathletes (amateurs to Ironman winners!), and alumni of this course.

Completely Free

I don’t charge you anything for this course 🙂

Who am I?

I truly love helping and seeing the progress of other people. And with the many challenges that come with doing triathlon, there is plenty of opportunity to help.

I’m Clément, an age group triathlete and certified USA Triathlon and Ironman U Coach. I started doing triathlon through a challenge I made with my brother, and quickly fell in love with the sport. I love the training, the community, and all the challenges that come with the sport.

Since 2017, I have created hundreds of resources, most of which you can find for free on this website, to help triathletes grow in the sport.

What you can expect

  • 1 email per day for 10 days
  • Actionable tips
  • Focus on what is really important
  • Stories of experienced athletes (age-groupers to Ironman winners)
  • Completely free

Frequently Asked Questions

The only requirement for this course is that you are motivated to start doing triathlon 🙂

Anyone looking for information before starting triathlon or for triathletes who did a first race but want to learn more about the sport.

Take the first step to become a triathlete!

And I will help you along the way!