Our Story

About us

Hi, I’m Clément! Together with my wife, Anna, we decided to create this website to help you in your triathlon journey.

You will find our names everywhere on this website, but if you take any coaching service, that’s only with me 🙂

Our story starts in early 2017

When I started triathlon, I was surprised by how little information was available online for beginner triathletes. And even though some things existed, the information was not always that helpful.

I started my triathlon journey a few months before my wife did. I read books and magazines, learned more about training philosophy and training plans, and watched hundreds of Youtube videos.

When she decided to give triathlon a try, it was relatively easy for me to explain to her what was important so she wouldn’t make the same mistakes as I did. I really enjoyed seeing her progress.

This website is simply a continuity of those early days. But instead of helping only one person, I am reaching thousands. My goal is to provide all the right information to an athlete starting his triathlon journey.

Who we are

clément running during a triathlon

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  • French – currently living in Austria
  • 34 years old
  • Love: challenges, triathlon gears
  • Hate: losing (ask my brothers 🙂 )
  • Favorite book: Shoe Dog
  • Sports experiences: judo, table tennis
  • Triathlon Debut: April 2017
  • Why did I start Triathlon: challenge
  • Why am I still doing Triathlon: I fell in love with the training, the pain, and the rewards
  • One special thing I want to do in my life: Building my own bike
  • Current goal: bike FTP above 300W
Anna at the end of a triathlon race

Follow me on Strava

  • Austrian – currently living in Austria
  • 33 years old
  • Love: discovering new places
  • Hate: not having the last word 🙂
  • Favorite book: Harry Potter
  • Sports experiences: ballet, running
  • Triathlon Debut: June 2017
  • Why did I start Triathlon: it was either training with my husband or not seeing him for hours every week – I chose him, of course
  • Why am I still doing Triathlon: I fell in love with it
  • One special thing I want to do in my life: Getting on a podium
  • Current goal: project come back (=getting back in shape after the birth of our 2nd little girl 🙂 )

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