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I decided to put the blog on hold to focus on the app for triathlon races. As soon as I have all western Europe countries inside, I will write new blog posts again 🙂

How To Swim Faster And Easier

Faster and Easier. I never thought I'd use those two words together to describe a swimming technique. But here I am. After a couple of months of trying the Total Immersion (TI) technique, I feel really confident to recommend it to you. Let's have a look at what makes...

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How To Choose Your First Pair Of Running Shoes?

I have done a couple of different sports in my life and of course, I always wanted a new pair of shoes for the new sport ;). I always followed this simple approach: how good are they looking and how confortable are they. With triathlon it was different. Since the...

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The Basics Of Nutrition

Being a few months into triathlon, I started to realize that eating heathly is actually really important in my quest of being a better triathlete. But let's be frank, nutrition is not my favorite topic. I do like eating and cooking but the magic question is always:...

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Which Bike Should You Use For Your First Triathlon?

That's one of the first questions everyone starting triathlon is confronted with. My goal with this blog post is to make you save a couple of hundred euros, to not say thousands! Let's get into it! Join Our Triathlon Community Now And Get 5 Tips To Improve Your Bike...

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How To Choose Your Triathlon Watch?

A couple of months ago, I spent hours looking for information about sport watches when thinking about buying my first one. To avoid you doing the same, I decided to compile all the information I wish I'd have at that time in one blog post. My goal is to give you a...

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What Can You Do On Strava?

I compiled the 10 tips that make Strava truly amazing. I recommend that you stay on their free version for a couple of months and get familiar with everything you will discover now. Enjoy! Join Our Triathlon Community Now And Find Out Which Pro Athletes I Am Following...

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How To Plan Your First Triathlon?

Based on our community, I realized, that generally, people are training in two different ways: either they have already found their natural rythm and progress by themselves or they need some guidance. If you feel confident already, no need for you to read further,...

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What Are The Triathlon Distances?

Ironman distance is probably the most famous distance, but it is far from being the only one. There are 4 common distances which are always swim-bike-run combinations and several new ones. Let's have a look at it! Join Our Triathlon Community Now And Get A Link To The...

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