How We Came To Triathlon

In this blog post, I will tell you why I started triathlon, the reactions of my loved ones, and who joined me on this journey.


It all started as a challenge. After seeing how happy my wife was after her team relay at the Vienna City Marathon 2017 (she ran 6km that year), I initially thought about joining her and run a marathon the following year. I discussed it with one of my brothers, and we thought of it as a good challenge. However, things escalated quickly, and we decided that we should have an even bigger goal: doing an Ironman once in our life. So the idea was born, my brother and I would get into triathlon!


“Are you crazy?”

Funny enough, no one thought I was joking (they must know me 🙂 ) but all of them definitely thought I was crazy! Doing an Ironman, is that something a normal person can do? 

“Biking 180 km and running a marathon is tough, but swimming in a lake, NO WAY!”

I cannot count how many persons told me they don’t want to start a triathlon because of the swim. I couldn’t swim more than 10m freestyle when I started, but somehow the swim never really scared me (I am not yet at the stage where I really enjoy it neither, to be honest). The fear of swimming in a lake is something I can understand. Nevertheless, it shouldn`t stop you from starting a triathlon!


Saying that all my family joined us doing a triathlon is an overstatement, but they all definitely took part in some of our training and races. The last thing I expected was that my wife would like triathlon so much. When she told me that she would join us, I was surprised, to say at least. 
I must be a lucky guy!

And that’s how it all started back in spring 2017. 

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My brothers and me before
our first triathlon together

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