Clément running in Allgau triathlon

7 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Tri Suit

A tri suit is one of the first items I recommend every triathlete to buy, even if they are only beginners. However, to avoid being disappointed, there are a couple of things you need to know before you buy one.

In this article, I will guide you through 7 things to consider, share my recommendation, and give you a filterable list of triathlon suits.


A triathlon suit is the only clothing you will wear from the start of a triathlon until the finish line. As it is designed for swimming, biking, and running, the pad is thinner than on biking shorts, but it dries faster, and it is not disturbing you while swimming and running.


For me, not having to change clothes during a race is the biggest advantage of tri suits. For this reason, it is even on my must-have list for a first triathlon.

As I have been wearing a tri suit since my first race, I never had to change clothes. I have always thought it would take me around 30s to change clothes from the swim to the bike and an additional 30s from the bike to the run. However, after witnessing several triathletes changing clothes on race day, I can say that I was far off.

Without a changing tent, those triathletes needed to use a towel to avoid nudity, another one to dry their body, and some yoga moves to be able to wear their bib shorts. I didn’t check exactly how much time they lost, but I would estimate 3 to 4 minutes, and that was only in T1!

Sure, with some practice, triathletes can be much faster. However, I would be surprised if you could do it on race day (with the additional adrenaline) in under 2 min for the two transitions.


It is really fascinating: as soon as you put a tri suit on, you enter the world of triathletes. No one thinks of you as a cyclist anymore 🙂


The first decision you need to make is whether you want a one-piece or two-piece suit. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The main reason to choose a two-piece tri suit is for bathroom breaks. As you have two separate pieces, they are easier to put on and off. A one-piece tri suit will force you to completely take off the top part.

From my own experience, a one-piece tri suit is by far the most popular option amongst triathletes. However, you see more and more triathletes choosing the two-piece option the longer the distance they are racing.

There is now a compromised solution for men where the one-piece tri suit can be opened until the bottom and help for short toilet breaks.


After choosing a one or two-piece suit, you will need to decide between a short sleeves tri suit or a sleeveless tri suit.

Clément wearing a sleeveless tri suit and a short sleeves tri suit

Short sleeves tri suits are becoming more and more popular. Their biggest advantage is that they offer more protection against the sun, and as more skin is covered, you will also have aero gains from it.

If you never had a painful sunburn on your shoulders after a long event, well, you are a lucky one 🙂


If you have the chance to have a tri shop near you, now would be the perfect time to visit it. Tri suits are really amazing, but it is quite hard to find one which perfectly fits you.

It should feel tighter than a standard road bike apparel but not too compressed that you cannot breathe. In shops, I generally try to stay in an aero position for a couple of seconds to see how it feels, then move up and down to replicate out of the saddle movements, run a bit and replicate freestyle swimming movements. You should really not feel any discomfort.

If you choose a two-piece tri suit, make sure that the rubber which keeps the top part in position is made of really good quality.


Like with any other triathlon equipment, tri suits can get really expensive. It is not rare to find tri suits above $400.

The majority of tri suits are fortunately cheaper than that. If you are lucky, you might even get discounts on some brands with your triathlon club.

Don’t spend too much money on your first tri suit if you start triathlon. The chances are quite high that it won’t fit you in a year or two (losing weight is an added benefit of doing so much sport 🙂 ), so it is not worth investing too much money for something you will only use a couple of times.

Now that you know what is important to look for, it is time to look for a specific tri suit. Below, you will find my personal recommendation and a list of tri suits from different brands.


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If you have the chance to have triathlon shops around you, I would highly recommend visiting them. I can’t stress enough how important the fit of a tri suit is. If it is not an option and you buy online, buy from a website that accepts returns.

I was looking for a one-piece tri suit with a full opening of the top part, with short sleeves, and in the mid-range in terms of pricing. I opted for the Hawi Tri Suit from Skinfit (link to their website, no affiliate). I would definitely recommend it if you have the same needs as me. Otherwise, look at the table below.


You can use the filters below to narrow your search or sort the tri suits by clicking on a column header.

The budget considers both top and short for the two-piece tri suits. I, however, linked only to the top part of a tri suit. You can easily find the bottom on the same website.

BrandModelBudgetCheck PriceGenderStyleSleeve Type
2XUActive$$2XUMaleOne pieceSleeveless
2XUActive$$2XUMaleTwo PieceSleeveless
2XUPerform Front zip$$2XUMaleOne pieceSleeveless
2XUPerform Full Zip$$2XUMaleOne pieceSleeveless
2XUPerform$$2XUMaleTwo PieceSleeveless
2XUCompression Full Zip$$2XUMaleOne pieceSleeveless
2XUCompression$$$2XUMaleTwo PieceSleeveless
2XUCompression$$$2XUMaleTwo PieceShort Sleeve
2XUActive$$2XUFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
2XUActive$$2XUFemaleTwo PieceSleeveless
2XUPerform Front zip$$2XUFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
2XUX-VENT Front Zip$$2XUFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
2XUPerform$$2XUFemaleTwo PieceSleeveless
2XUCompression Full Zip$$2XUFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
2XUCompression Full Zip$$$2XUFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
2XUCompression$$$2XUFemaleTwo PieceSleeveless
AptoniaShort-Distance$DecathlonMaleOne pieceSleeveless
AptoniaLong-Distance$DecathlonMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
AptoniaShort-Distance$DecathlonFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
AptoniaFront Zipper$DecathlonFemaleTwo PieceSleeveless
AssosTriator Speedsuit$$$$AssosMaleOne pieceSleeveless
AssosTriator Speedsuit$$$$AssosMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
AssosTriator Speedsuit$$$$AssosFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
AssosTriator Speedsuit$$$$AssosFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
CastelliCore SPR-OLY$$CastelliMaleOne pieceSleeveless
CastelliFree Sanremo 2$$$CastelliMaleOne pieceSleeveless
CastelliFree Sanremo 2$$$CastelliMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
CastelliFree Tri 2$$$CastelliMaleTwo PieceSleeveless
CastelliFree Speed 2$$$CastelliMaleTwo PieceShort Sleeve
CastelliSD Team Race$$$CastelliMaleOne pieceSleeveless
CastelliElite Speed$$$$CastelliMaleOne pieceSleeveless
CastelliPR Speed$$$$CastelliMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
CastelliCore SPR-OLY$$CastelliFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
CastelliFree Sanremo$$$CastelliFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
CastelliFree Sanremo 2$$$CastelliFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
CastelliFree Tri 2$$$CastelliFemaleTwo PieceSleeveless
CastelliFree Speed 2$$$CastelliFemaleTwo PieceShort Sleeve
CastelliSD Team Race$$$CastelliFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
CastelliElite Speed$$$$CastelliFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
CastelliPR Speed$$$$CastelliFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Dare2TriTri Suit$Dare2TriMaleOne pieceSleeveless
Dare2TriColdmax$$Dare2TriMaleOne pieceSleeveless
Dare2TriColdmax$$Dare2TriMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Dare2TriAero$$Dare2TriMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Dare2TriTri Suit$Dare2TriFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
Dare2TriColdmax$$Dare2TriFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
Dare2TriColdmax$$Dare2TriFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Dare2TriAero$$Dare2TriFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
dhbHydron$dhbMaleOne pieceSleeveless
dhbHydron$dhbMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
dhbBlok$dhbMaleOne pieceSleeveless
dhbBlok$dhbMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
dhbBlok Stelvio$dhbMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
dhbBlok Vesuvio$dhbMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
dhbClassic$$dhbMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
dhbHydron$$dhbMaleTwo PieceShort Sleeve
dhbClassic$$dhbMaleTwo PieceShort Sleeve
dhbAeron 2.0$$dhbMaleOne pieceSleeveless
dhbAeron 2.0$$dhbMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
dhbAeron LTD Edition$$dhbMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
dhbAeron Ultra$$dhbMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
dhbAeron Lab$$$dhbMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
dhbHydron$dhbFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
dhbHydron$dhbFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
dhbModa Cielo$dhbFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
dhbModa Jewel$dhbFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
dhbModa Viola$dhbFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
dhbModa Cielo$dhbFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
dhbModa Jewel$dhbFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
dhbModa Viola$dhbFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
dhbHydron$$dhbFemaleTwo PieceShort Sleeve
dhbAeron$$dhbFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
dhbAeron 2.0$$dhbFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
dhbAeron LTD Edition$$dhbFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
dhbAeron Ultra$$dhbFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
dhbAeron Lab$$$dhbFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
GarneauSprint$$GarneauMaleOne pieceSleeveless
GarneauVent$$GarneauMaleOne pieceSleeveless
GarneauSprint$$$GarneauMaleTwo PieceSleeveless
GarneauSprint$$$GarneauMaleTwo PieceShort Sleeve
GarneauVent$$$GarneauMaleTwo PieceSleeveless
GarneauAero$$$$GarneauMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
GarneauAero$$$$GarneauMaleTwo PieceSleeveless
GarneauAero$$$$GarneauMaleTwo PieceShort Sleeve
GarneauSprint$$GarneauFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
GarneauVent$$GarneauFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
GarneauSprint$$$GarneauFemaleTwo PieceSleeveless
GarneauSprint$$$GarneauFemaleTwo PieceShort Sleeve
GarneauVent$$$GarneauFemaleTwo PieceSleeveless
GarneauAero$$$$GarneauFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
GarneauAero$$$$GarneauFemaleTwo PieceSleeveless
GarneauAero$$$$GarneauFemaleTwo PieceShort Sleeve
HuubCommit Long Course$$HuubMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
HuubRaceline$$HuubMaleOne pieceSleeveless
HuubRaceline$$$HuubMaleTwo PieceShort Sleeve
HuubAnemoi + Aero$$$HuubMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
HuubAnemoi + Aero Bonded$$$$HuubMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
HuubAnemoi + 22 Aero Bonded$$$$HuubMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
HuubCommit Long Course$$HuubFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
HuubHer Spirit Long Course$$HuubFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
HuubAura$$HuubFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
HuubAura Long Course$$$HuubFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
HuubAura Long Course$$$HuubFemaleTwo PieceShort Sleeve
HuubAnemoi Aero$$$HuubFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
OrcaAthlex Race$$OrcaMaleOne pieceSleeveless
OrcaAthlex Aero Race$$OrcaMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
OrcaAthlex$$$OrcaMaleTwo PieceShort Sleeve
OrcaAthlex$$$OrcaMaleTwo PieceSleeveless
OrcaRS1 Dream Kona$$$$OrcaMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
OrcaAthlex Race$$OrcaFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
OrcaAthlex Aero Race$$OrcaFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
OrcaAthlex$$$OrcaFemaleTwo PieceShort Sleeve
OrcaAthlex$$$OrcaFemaleTwo PieceSleeveless
OrcaRS1 Dream Kona$$$$OrcaFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
RokaGen II Elite Aero$$$$RokaMaleOne pieceSleeveless
RokaGen II Elite Aero$$$$RokaMaleTwo PieceShort Sleeve
RokaGen II Elite Aero$$$$RokaMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
RokaGen II Elite Aero$$$$RokaFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
RokaGen II Elite Aero$$$$RokaFemaleTwo PieceShort Sleeve
RokaGen II Elite Aero$$$$RokaFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
RyzonSignature$$$RyzonMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
RyzonFrodissimo Signature$$$$RyzonMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
RyzonMyth Aero$$$$RyzonMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
RyzonVerge Aero$$$$RyzonMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
RyzonSignature$$$RyzonFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
RyzonMyth Aero$$$$RyzonFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
SailfishTrisuit Comp$$SailfishMaleOne pieceSleeveless
SailfishAerosuit Comp$$SailfishMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
SailfishAerosuit Comp Square$$SailfishMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
SailfishTrishort + Top$$SailfishMaleTwo PieceSleeveless
SailfishAerosuit Pro$$$$SailfishMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
SailfishTrisuit Comp$$SailfishFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
SailfishAerosuit Comp$$SailfishFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
SailfishAerosuit Comp Square$$SailfishFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
SailfishTrishort + Top$$SailfishFemaleTwo PieceSleeveless
SailfishAerosuit Pro$$$$SailfishFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
SantiniArgo$$SantiniMaleOne pieceSleeveless
SantiniArgo$$SantiniMaleTwo PieceSleeveless
SantiniImago$$SantiniMaleOne pieceSleeveless
SantiniViper Pietra$$SantiniMaleOne pieceSleeveless
SantiniSleek Pietra$$SantiniMaleTwo PieceSleeveless
SantiniFerox$$$SantiniMaleOne pieceSleeveless
SantiniViper Pietra$$$SantiniMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
SantiniSleek Pietra$$$SantiniMaleTwo PieceShort Sleeve
SantiniRedux Freccia$$$SantiniMaleOne pieceSleeveless
SantiniRedux Freccia$$$SantiniMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
SantiniViper$$$SantiniMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
SantiniImago$$SantiniFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
SantiniFerox$$SantiniFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
SantiniRedux Raggio$$SantiniFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
SantiniSleek Maui$$SantiniFemaleTwo PieceSleeveless
SantiniFerox$$SantiniFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
SantiniViper$$SantiniFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
SantiniViper Maui$$SantiniFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
SantiniRedux Raggio$$$SantiniFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
SkinfitPescara$$SkinfitMaleOne pieceSleeveless
SkinfitHawi$$$SkinfitMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
SkinfitSpeed Bermuda$$$$SkinfitMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
SkinfitPescara$$SkinfitFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
SkinfitHawi$$$SkinfitFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
SkinfitSpeed Fiore$$$SkinfitFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
SkinfitSpeed Bermuda$$$$SkinfitFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Stolen GoatScooby$$$Stolen GoatMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Stolen GoatStinger Orange$$$Stolen GoatMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Stolen GoatUpstart$$$Stolen GoatMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Stolen GoatWaffle$$$Stolen GoatMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Stolen GoatJaffa$$$Stolen GoatFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Stolen GoatJelly$$$Stolen GoatFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Stolen GoatStinger Purple$$$Stolen GoatFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Stolen GoatUpstart$$$Stolen GoatFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Tri-FitEvo$$Tri-FitMaleOne pieceSleeveless
Tri-FitEvo$$$Tri-FitMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Tri-FitEvo$$Tri-FitFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
Tri-FitEvo$$$Tri-FitFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
TrimtexDrive$$$TrimtexMaleOne pieceSleeveless
TrimtexDrive$$$TrimtexMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
TrimtexTorq$$$TrimtexMaleOne pieceSleeveless
TrimtexAero 3.0 LD$$$$TrimtexMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
TrimtexAero 3.0 MD$$$$TrimtexMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
TrimtexDrive$$$TrimtexFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
TrimtexDrive$$$TrimtexFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
TrimtexTorq$$$TrimtexFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
TrimtexAero 3.0 LD$$$$TrimtexFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
TrimtexAero 3.0 MD$$$$TrimtexFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Zone3Activate$$Zone3MaleOne pieceSleeveless
Zone3Activate$$Zone3MaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Zone3Activate$$Zone3MaleTwo PieceSleeveless
Zone3Activate Plus$$Zone3MaleOne pieceSleeveless
Zone3Aquaflo Plus$$Zone3MaleOne pieceSleeveless
Zone3Aquaflo Plus$$Zone3MaleTwo PieceSleeveless
Zone3Activate Plus$$Zone3MaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Zone3Aquaflo Plus$$Zone3MaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Zone3Aquaflo Plus$$$Zone3MaleTwo PieceShort Sleeve
Zone3Lava$$$Zone3MaleTwo PieceSleeveless
Zone3Lava Long Distance$$$Zone3MaleOne pieceSleeveless
Zone3Lava Long Distance$$$$Zone3MaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Zone3Aeroforce-X$$$$Zone3MaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Zone3Custom Design Aeroforce-X$$$$Zone3MaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Zone3Bespoke Fit Aeroforce-X$$$$Zone3MaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Zone3Activate$$Zone3FemaleOne pieceSleeveless
Zone3Activate$$Zone3FemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Zone3Activate$$Zone3FemaleTwo PieceSleeveless
Zone3Activate Plus$$Zone3FemaleOne pieceSleeveless
Zone3Aquaflo Plus$$Zone3FemaleOne pieceSleeveless
Zone3Aquaflo Plus$$Zone3FemaleTwo PieceSleeveless
Zone3Activate Plus$$Zone3FemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Zone3Aquaflo Plus$$Zone3FemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Zone3Lava$$$Zone3FemaleTwo PieceSleeveless
Zone3Lava Long Distance$$$Zone3FemaleOne pieceSleeveless
Zone3Lava Long Distance$$$$Zone3FemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Zone3Aeroforce-X$$$$Zone3FemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Zone3Custom Design Aeroforce-X$$$$Zone3FemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
Zone3Bespoke Fit Aeroforce-X$$$$Zone3FemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
ZootCore Tri Tank$$ZootMaleTwo PieceSleeveless
ZootLTD Waikoloa$$ZootMaleOne pieceSleeveless
ZootLTD Waikoloa$$$ZootMaleTwo PieceSleeveless
ZootAero LTD Waikoloa$$$ZootMaleTwo PieceShort Sleeve
ZootAero LTD Waikoloa$$$ZootMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
ZootElite Tri Tank$$$ZootMaleTwo PieceSleeveless
ZootElite Tri Aero$$$ZootMaleTwo PieceShort Sleeve
ZootElite Tri Aero FZ$$$ZootMaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
ZootCore Tri Tank$$ZootFemaleTwo PieceSleeveless
ZootLTD Waikoloa$$ZootFemaleOne pieceSleeveless
ZootLTD Waikoloa$$$ZootFemaleTwo PieceSleeveless
ZootAero LTD Waikoloa$$$ZootFemaleTwo PieceShort Sleeve
ZootAero LTD Waikoloa$$$ZootFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve
ZootElite Tri Racerback$$$ZootFemaleTwo PieceSleeveless
ZootElite Tri Aero$$$ZootFemaleTwo PieceShort Sleeve
ZootElite Tri Aero FZ$$$ZootFemaleOne pieceShort Sleeve

A tri suit is one of the 20 essential triathlon gear on our list for race day, have a look at this article to find out more about the 19 others.