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For me, that is the most important aspect of a community, but it is also where things start to get tricky for us. Our community members are spread all over the world. My goal is to bring together as many members of our community as possible. I am planning to do that through 2 main events every year:

1. One-week triathlon holiday at the beginning of each season,

2. One international triathlon

One week of much more than just triathlon training

It was actually my fiancée who came up with this idea, to spend our summer holidays in a hotel specialized in triathlon training. In July 2017, we spent one week there and absolutely loved it. You can do so many different sports there, it is unbelievable.

The next time I am going there, it will be with YOU!

Place: Club La Santa in Lanzarote (Spanish Island)
Time: TBD 2019
Prerequisite: enthusiast about triathlon and up for a week of fun
Best thing that can happen: You fall in love with it and come back every year
Worst thing that can happen: One of the volcano is erupting. It didn’t happen in the last 300 years, so we should be fine 😉
Price: TBD. I won’t earn anything with you booking it this year. This is purely a test to see if our community members like it. If people do, I will plan that every year.

Note: We need to be at least 10 people. If we are not, I will pay you back and you can book individually.



What is included in the price:

– accomodation
– half board (without drinks)
– specific sport program for our community
– rent of equipment: MTB, road bike, helmet, tennis racket,…  (if you want more advanced bikes, you will need to pay extra)
– access to all other sport activities (we can only book those the day before if there are still places available)

Here are some pictures of our trip this year. We did much more, but I don’t want to show you pictures of everything, otherwise there won’t be any surprises anymore 🙂

If you are interested or if you would like to have more info, please fill in this contact form:

13 + 1 =

Our choice for the 2018 International triathlon

Every year, I plan to participate in a couple of races. You can always check those on my Strava account. Among them, there will always be one international race, where you can join as well. I plan to travel to a different country every year and to look only for events which provide olympic distance races or even longer ones. So if you travel, you won’t come just for an one-hour-race 🙂

In 2018, I am planning on joining the following race:

Place: Gerardmer Lake (France)
Time: September 1st & 2nd 2018
Distances: Sprint, Olympic, and XL (equivalent of 70.3)
Website: link



I look forward to seeing you!

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