Garmin fenix 7s playing music

The List Of All Garmin Watches Having Music

In this article, you will find all current Garmin watches with internal music storage, which means that you won’t need your phone to access the songs 🙂

To help you narrow down your search, I also mention the price range, the weight, and the following information:

Garmin watches can sometimes be bulky if you have a small wrist. Mine is relatively small for a man (wrist size 6.10 in or 15.5 cm), so it limits my choice quite drastically 🙂

I am pleased with the size of the Fenix 7S, but that’s quite the maximum I can wear.


The battery life is the manufacturer’s stated life using GPS (in hours). All current Garmin models I listed have a stated battery life of 11 hours or more. In reality, it might be a couple of hours less than that, but it still gives you plenty of time to finish your race.

If you are interested in a navigation feature, really check the detail of it. It can either be a full detailed map on your watch or a simple line without any map, which is way less helpful for guidance.

A watch with a line for navigation vs a watch with a detailed map
Example with the Garmin 920XT vs.
Garmin 945

It allows you to record your swim, bike, and run into a single activity. It lets you focus on your race and not worry about starting and saving each activity separately.


You can use the filters below to narrow your search or sort the watches by clicking on a column header.

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ModelBudgetCheck PriceWeightSizeBattery Life
Forerunner 245 Musicno$$Amazon38.5 g42.3 x 42.3 x 12.2 mm24
Forerunner 745yes$$Amazon47 g43.8 x 43.8 x 13.3 mm16
Forerunner 945yes$$$Amazon50 g47 x 47 x 13.7 mm36yes
Forerunner 945 LTEyes$$$Amazon49 g44.4 x 44.4 x 13.9 mm35yes
fenix 7Syes$$$Amazon63 g42 x 42 x 14.1 mm37yes
fenix 7S Solaryes$$$Amazon63 g42 x 42 x 14.1 mm46yes
fenix 7S Sapphire Solaryes$$$$Amazon58 g42 x 42 x 14.1 mm46yes
fenix 7yes$$$Amazon79 g47 x 47 x 14.5 mm57yes
fenix 7 Solaryes$$$Amazon79 g47 x 47 x 14.5 mm73yes
fenix 7 Sapphire Solaryes$$$$Amazon73 g47 x 47 x 14.5 mm73yes
fenix 7X Solaryes$$$$Amazon96 g51 x 51 x 14.9 mm122yes
fenix 7X Sapphire Solaryes$$$$Amazon89 g51 x 51 x 14.9 mm122yes
epix 2yes$$$$Amazon76 g46 x 46 x 14.5 mm42yes
epix 2 Sapphireyes$$$$Amazon70 g46 x 46 x 14.5 mm42yes
Marq Athlete (~ all Marq)yes$$$$Garmin94 g46 x 46 x 14.1 mm28yes
Venu 2Sno$$Amazon38.2 g40.4 x 40.4 x 12.1 mm19
Venu Sq Music Editionno$Amazon37.6 g40.6 x 37 x 11.5 mm14
Venu 2 Plusno$$Amazon51 g43.6 x 43.6 x 12.6 mm24
Venu 2no$$Amazon49 g45.4 x 45.4 x 12.2 mm22
vívoactive 4no$$Amazon50.5 g45.1 x 45.1 x 12.8 mm18
vívoactive 4Sno$$Amazon40 g40 x 40 x 12.7 mm15
Descent Mk2yes$$$$Garmin103.8 g52 x 52 x 17.8 mm48yes
Descent Mk2Syes$$$$Garmin60 g43 x 43 x 14.15 mm18yes
Descent Mkiyes$$$$Garmin99.6 g52 x 52 x 17.8 mm48yes
tactix Delta Sapphireyes$$$$Garmin97 g51 x 51 x 14.9 mm60yes
tactix Delta Solaryes$$$$Garmin97 g51 x 51 x 14.9 mm66yes
D2 Airno$$Garmin46.3 g43.2 x 43.2 x 12.4 mm20yes
D2 Air X10no$$$Garmin51 g43.6 x 43.6 x 12.6 mm24yes
D2 Delta Syes$$$Garmin65 g42 x 42 x 15.4 mm11yes
D2 Deltayes$$$Garmin76 g47 x 47 x 15.8 mm18yes
D2 Delta PXyes$$$$Garmin87 g51 x 51 x 17.5 mm32yes
quatix 6yes$$$Garmin83 g47 x 47 x 14.7 mm36yes
quatix Titaniumyes$$$$Garmin72 g47 x 47 x 14.7 mm36yes
quatix 6X Solaryes$$$$Garmin82 g51 x 51 x 14.9 mm66yes

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