5 Biking & Running Tips From Experienced Triathletes

Before doing my first triathlon, I wanted to be as prepared as possible. I reached out to amateur triathletes, professionals, and even Ironman winners from around the world and asked them one simple question: “What’s the one thing you wish you’d have known before doing your first triathlon?”

I received 53 inspiring tips. In this post, you will find the 5 biking & running tips they gave me. Enjoy reading those and explore the 48 other tips as well.

credit @talbotcox

The one thing I wish I had known before my first triathlon was how to ride a bike. I had never ridden a bike, other than laps of my street, before entering my first triathlon. I could swim and run well and thought that would be enough to finish the race. Whilst on the bike, my dad ran beside me the entire time, telling me to watch where I was going and hold onto the handlebars with both hands!!

Ellie – Instagram

Just how hard performance biking is. It takes a whole new meaning to “It’s as easy as riding a bike”.
Less is More in terms of transition, gear, etc.
Time Commitment. If you think doing 1 sport is hard to fit in, “tri” 3.

Kindal – Instagram

That is a good question!
I wish I knew my bike better. Yes, you can benefit a lot from races if you know how your bike works. Know how to handle your gears and know how to change a flat tire. Also how to handle your bike on the road. But all this you can practice and feel free to ask other triathletes for advice.

Peter – Instagram / Website

I wish I knew the importance of being able to run off the bike!  🙂 I haven’t done much running before my first race and I thought that I could do it. I had a high level of fitness from 20 years of competitive kayaking prior to starting triathlons 2 years ago and also done a bit of cycling and swimming-work as a lifeguard.

I was wrong!!! haha still finished 3rd, but in agony for days after the race, the legs were shot! So do yourself a favor and start RUNNING! hahaha

Zsolt – Instagram

I was aware that the change of getting off the bike and start running will be hard but did not expect it to be so hard. I would have wished that someone would have told me not to start too fast with running.

Corry – Instagram / Website

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