It is a bit about me but a lot about YOU and our amazing community!

How everything started

The idea about creating a sport community was born in May 2017. Together with my brother, I came up with the challenge to do an Ironman once in my life. By speaking with my friends and colleagues about it, I realized that more and more people got interested into triathlon (Ironman sounded too crazy for them at that time 😉 ).

That’s when I decided to create a community that could be helpful for people like us.

My family and myself on our first run
two days after my “crazy idea”

I now strongly believe that everyone can become whoever he wants to be.

About me

I’m a French guy, currently living in Austria
I’m engaged
I’m 28 years old
I live my life through challenges
I love discovering new things
Favorite book: Shoe Dog
Next challenge: An Olympic distance triathlon
Sport dream: Build my own bike
My Instagram: clement_vanacker

I am driven by challenges. I have always liked sports, I did some local competitions in judo and table tennis when I was young, but nothing extraordinary.

As I was so inspired recently by one particular book, I decided to change completely my habits. I decided to wake up 1 hour earlier everyday, so I can focus on my personal development and do all the things I thought I didn’t have time for. One part is to do more sports and I fixed myself a challenge: to do an IRONMAN once in my life.

An IRONMAN, seriously, are you crazy?

I can’t recall anyone reacting differently when I told them. I talked to my family and some friends. After the first shock, and seeing how serious I was about it, it became really contagious, everyone wanted to join, at least for the triathlon 😉

About our community

Contrary to what you just read about me, it would be hard to picture every member of our community with what they are doing and where they are. But if one day, My Tri World reaches 100,000 triathletes, I will take on the challenge of doing that. This I can tell you for sure, they are people with the same interests as you.

Be sure to read through the “We connect” page to discover how you can connect with the other members of our community.

About you

“Who you are or what you did doesn’t matter, what matters is who you want to become”. I truly believe that. If you have a clear vision of where you want to go, you can achieve it. I read quite a few biography books, and do you know what some of the most succesful people have in common? They are all committed, read a lot and pursue a healthy lifestyle. So guess why I created this community?

It is all about YOU. You can join our community, ask questions, check our tips, join our events – all of that without you spending one cent!

To continue “My Tri World” experience, I am proposing you a list of books/products that you can buy through some of our partners. I read/used them personally, got recommendations from our community or spent hours comparing what was on the market and picked out the best. Just find the products that are useful to you.

Join Our Triathlon Community Now And Get A 5-Steps-Guide For Boosting Your Motivation (Hint: You Might Get Addicted To Them!) 

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